How Can a Marketing Coach Help Your Business?

If you feel that your growth has lost its steam, there is a better than average chance that the issue is marketing. Engage with a Marketing Coach to bring your business to the next level.
Marketing Coach

You have a great product or service. You probably have an excellent plan for your business with well-developed strategies and ideas. Maybe you have had a good run of success without having to focus on marketing lately. But recently you feel that your growth has lost its steam.  There is a better than average chance that the issue is marketing. Getting new business and moving sales to the next level is challenging, especially for small-medium size companies.

So how do you promote your business and increase sales? Through redefining expectations and business goals that coincide with the right marketing strategy. This sounds great, but how do you tackle this next step and find the right person or organization to help propel business goals, marketing objectives and concrete strategies?

Think Marketing Coach

A marketing coach will teach you and guide you on the ins and outs of business marketing. This person will work with you one-on-one to create clear strategies and actionable objectives for a successful start to a marketing plan. He/she is there to help you without a huge investment.

Kick Start Your Strategy

The marketing coach will help better clarify your goals and milestones by analyzing internal and external factors, macro environments, market targets and budget spends to craft a marketing strategy and roadmap that’s right for you. These strategic initiatives include program goals, channels, metrics, and KPI’s. Now you’re ready to deploy.

You’ll find that you might need to hire a part time employee, a consultant or a permanent hire to help with deployment and ongoing activities. A marketing coach is a great asset to help find the best candidate. Or, you just might find that you wear many hats and this one suits you just fine.

Ongoing Guidance

A monthly or bi-monthly coaching session positions you for continued success.  Evaluating your progress and focusing on continuous improvement is essential for every department in every business and marketing is no different. Circumstances, industry trends, internal and external influences all evolve. Therefore, it’s common to adjust strategy and tactics to realign with current market conditions.

Benefits of a Marketing Coach

A study of executives from Fortune 1000 companies who used coaching services reported the following benefits.

  • An increase in productivity (by 53%)
  • Increased customer service (by 39%)
  • Reduction in costs (by 23%)
  • Increased bottom line profitability (by 22%)

Coaching is central to improving business performance. An effective marketing coach will lead to increased market engagement and business success.

To find out how Marketing Coaching from BrandUp Strategy can help your sales and marketing pick up the steam you need to grow, fill out the Send Us a Message form on the right, email us at or call us at (813) 435-3636.


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