The Benefits of Live Chat for B2B Marketing

Live Chat for B2B Marketing

In marketing, it’s always about staying ahead of the game. You either want to offer what your competition doesn’t, or you want to offer better. So, if you haven’t jumped on the live chat train, now is a good time to start thinking about it.

According to the American Marketing Association, live chat increases conversions by 20%, and customers who use live chat are 3x more likely to purchase. So, what can you do with live chat that makes it better than any other marketing or customer service method? Here are our top four live chat tactics.

Answer questions quickly and efficiently

One of the main reasons customers like live chat is because it answers their questions much faster than other methods of communication. The average wait for live chat is just 37 seconds. Compare that to long waits on hold or hours waiting for an unanswered email. In fact, most prospects will abandon their search if they are unable to get answers quickly.

But the quickness of live chat doesn’t just satisfy your prospective customers. It benefits your company as well. Research has shown that an agent can handle an average of six queries at a time using live chat, unlike one-at-a-time phone calls and emails. This allows you to do more work with less human power, creating a more efficient process.

Collect useful data for marketing strategies

Live chat isn’t just for website visitors to ask questions; it is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and gather valuable data that you can use in the future. You can collect information about contacts and demographics, but also more qualitative information like customers’ thoughts, opinions and behavior. This is called Voice of Customer (VOC) data.

VOC data allows you to understand your company from a customer’s perspective, enabling you to cater your product to their needs and recognize the best ways to market it to them. According to SuperOffice, companies collecting VOC data experience a 10x greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue compared to those who do not collect VOC data.

Increase sale value

Not only will live chat improve the likelihood that a website visitor will become a buying customer, it also provides you the opportunity to increase the value of that sale through cross-selling or upselling. For example, if a prospect is considering a specific software program, you might suggest additional “add-ons” that will improve his/her overall experience with the program.

Personalize prospects’ visits to your website

The best part about live chat is the ability to personalize a user’s experience on your site. As you learn more about the individual customer, you can customize their experience to their wants and needs. You can even greet them by name if and when they return to your site. When you provide personalization, your customers feel valued as individuals, making them more likely to purchase your product and come back for more.

Boost customer satisfaction

Live chat improves the overall prospect’s experience on your site. It’s no wonder that 44% of customers believe live chat can function as one of the most important features of a website. Now, it is up to you to capitalize on all that live chat can do for your business and marketing initiatives.


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