Shifting Content Strategy Through Video Engagement

If you need a new strategy, video engagement can be the marketing boon you need.
Video Marketing

COVID-19 has created hardship and stress around the world. The industry of marketing is not an exception to that statement. Businesses everywhere are suffering revenue losses, and many are already gone for good. If you want to fight back against those losses, you need a good strategy, and video engagement could prove to be the marketing boon that sees you through this storm.

The Value of Video in the Pandemic

Video dominated the internet before the pandemic began. According to NCTA, 60 percent of all internet traffic was video related in 2019. Now, the vast majority of Americans are sheltering in place. They’re trapped in their homes. You can trust that video engagement is only increasing under these circumstances. If you want to reach people, video is the obvious answer.

Using the Right Video

Knowing that video is important is only the first step. There are immeasurable numbers of options in how you approach video. Given the circumstances tied to COVID-19, there is one video format that is proving superior: animation.

Filming live video is difficult right now. Social distancing regulations makes it hard to draft a production crew that can safely work together and produce quality video. With animation, that problem disappears. Animation teams can largely work remotely, without ever being in the same room. This allows you to create video of the highest quality without risking health or violating regulations.

There’s another element of value to using animation. People are sensitive to social distancing right now. If you film a live video, plenty of viewers will realize that you had to bring people close together in order to make that video. You can be on the wrong side of a sensitive topic simply by choosing the wrong video format. With animation, those concerns dissipate, and your format will prove more sensitive to the current situation.

Tips for Video Marketing

Animation is a powerful tool, but it still doesn’t tell you much about how to use video for your marketing. The rule is to keep things simple. In 2019, most successful marketing videos were kept down to 30 seconds. This is attuned to the modern attention span and how much time people are willing to give you. While some videos will need to be longer, 30 to 60 seconds is a good goal. Most importantly, videos need to have value. They should explain or provide information that is useful to the viewers. They can show what a product does; show what a company values; or show the company mission. Notice the word “show.” As much as possible, follow the film mantra of “show don’t tell.” That’s the true value of video.


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