Lead Nurturing: Five Killer Methods to Turn Prospects Into Strong Relationships

B2B lead nurturing

Lead nurturing focuses on progressively strengthening the connection between your business and a targeted group of prospects by providing them with relevant information throughout their buyer’s journey. The main idea behind this is to build a link with the future customers who are not currently ready to purchase but can be of great value later. 

Through lead nurturing, it is possible to make your future customer aware of your business and appreciate the value of your services. The awareness will eventually convert into the trust that the customer will put in your business, and hence you will be the first preference when it’s time to buy.

Vibrant websites and social media marketing alone is not enough to make an impression on the customers. They are more interested in how you can provide value with reliability.  Growing this type of trust with potential customers requires nurturing. 

With the following top five tips, you can successfully adopt an effective lead nurturing strategy for gaining prospects’ trust and developing new customers.

1. Email Spamming is Not Enough

Formerly, it was reasonable to send out multiple emails to many prospects. However, according to the latest survey, many marketers claim that their email open rate is as low as 20 percent. 

This is expected in the sense that no one wants to go through the same annoying email by different businesses. To stand out from the crowd, you have to draw the customer’s attention. 

This can be done through personalized emails where the email begins with the customer’s name and the content of the email addresses their specific concerns.

Since (few people are shopping for ‘generic’ solutions) one size does not fit all. Customized emails that speak directly to the reader and their stage on the buying cycle are more likely to receive attention. Besides email, you can also adopt multiple lead nurturing tactics like sales outreach, paid retargeting, etc.

2. Educate Your Prospects

Before making a decision, every customer wants to know in-depth details of the product or service they are investing in. No one wants to pour their money down the drain. 

Educating can be done into three steps. In the first step, you can add blogs or posts that discuss the latest trends and interests of your potential customers. 

Secondly, you can invite customers to a walk-through or demonstration that displays your product or business. Finally, in the third step, you can add reviews and positive customer feedback, which will help in gaining the trust of the customer.

3. Don’t Send Every Email to Everyone

The gist of nurturing leads is not to treat everyone in the same manner. The demands and needs of customers vary from one to another, and this should be reflected in your strategy. 

Every lead varies and it is not possible to nurture all the potential customers with the same email. Customers can be grouped according to their essential traits like area of interest, job title, department, role in the purchasing process, etc. 

This will ensure that the contacts receive emails that contain information that is most relevant to them. This in turn, will grab their attention resulting in increased viewership of your email.

4. Re-engage When Needed

Practically, the customer can lose their interest due to multiple factors that can include shifting business priorities and being attracted by different businesses. 

If you find that the leads are not opening your emails or responding to sale calls, then adapt your email marketing. Make it more about them and ask for their feedback.

5. Make Content That Hits the Customer Pain Points

The web has handed over power to the buyers to a large extent. This has forced marketers and business people to make more customer-friendly content than just self-centered marketing. 

Your content, whether it is on email or multiple social media platforms, should genuinely address the concerns of customers. 

Regularly reevaluate your content strategy. Analyze the previous experience of customers and take steps to develop new content accordingly to address the customer pain points.

The Final Word

The process of lead nurturing may appear complicated but once you get the flow, it is all worth the effort. It might take time to put everything into practice, but eventually, with some small changes, you will receive the conversion rate that you expect.

If your expertise is not marketing, building marketing effective lead nurturing programs might seem overwhelming. Luckily for you, this is exactly our expertise at BrandUp Strategy. If you would like to learn how we can help you nurture your prospects through their buyer’s journey and grow your business call or email us.

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