Five Tips on How to use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Five Tips on How to use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn was set up specifically for businesses and companies as a platform where they can, network professionally, share ideas and take their business to new horizons.

The main objective of establishing yourself on LinkedIn is to generate sales leads. Your business will be on the path to success as you and your business gain a reputation on LinkedIn and grow your sales lead pipeline.

However, with over 500 million users, it is not so easy to build your LinkedIn image. To stand out from the crowd, your profile must show why your businesses should be preferred over competitors. You need to effectively communicate your unique value proposition.

Therefore, without any further ado, here are the top five tips that will guide you through how to use LinkedIn to expand your business.

Write A Captivating Headline
The LinkedIn description that appears under your name works like your Facebook or Instagram bio. This is the first description that people see. A strong headline helps to build an impression and intrigues people to view your profile.

The brief description is what appears under your name when people are searching for businesses that in your category. Focus on writing a description that stops the person from scrolling further and gets them to click and view your profile.

A quick and effective exercise for developing a strong description is to jot down the value your business has to offer and what gives it a clear edge over your competitors.

Interesting Yet Precise Summary
After fine-tuning your business profile’s headline, the next important profile factor is the summary. The summary plays a vital role. If it is strong, it can convince the other person to consider your business. Likewise, if it is repetitive and boring, they are likely to move on to the other business profiles.

Use the summary section wisely by being precise and selective with your words. Don’t focus on writing long paragraphs bragging about your business as that creates a bleak impression.

Instead, since people are more likely to read the first few lines, generate maximum engagement in the first two sentences. Later you can add the details of your business services and accomplishments.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Writing about your business is quite easy, and that is what many companies focus on when it comes to LinkedIn profiles.

However, people are more compelled to reach out for your services when there is a visual representation of your work.

With this idea in mind, you can add content to LinkedIn such as images that give a visual idea of what kind of value you and your business would bring as a service provider.

Showing and telling what you have done and what you can do has a more significant impact than just telling. It is fair to do professional bragging but displaying your professional services as content will build greater credibility.

Establish Connections and Form Relationships
LinkedIn is not just about finding your potential clients and promoting your services to them. To more deeply establish your roots into the world of LinkedIn, you also need to connect with professionals that in your field.

LinkedIn is a social networking website, which means that you must socialize to expand. Networking is far more effective that cold calling. Creating a social network allows you to build relationships and interact with people of similar interests. Networking with people in your targeted industries gives you an understanding of the challenges facing your prospects and insights into the issues and drivers that are motivating their buying decisions.

Get Involved in LinkedIn Groups
The easiest way to expand out your social circle on LinkedIn is to join LinkedIn groups related to your prospects’ business.

Through these groups, you can add to your contact list and get yourself established as a recognized provider and thought leader in the field.

Being a part of LinkedIn groups comes with many benefits in addition to expanding your professional social circle. You can exhibit thought leadership in your industry by actively participating in groups that are specifically focused on the business issues where you provide support.

With these practices on your fingertips, you can get a head start towards creating engagement for your business. With LinkedIn continuing to make itself an integral platform for both businesses and clients, you can use it to expand your business the modern way.

You are an expert in the services you provide. Unfortunately marketing and using LinkedIn to grow your business might not be your area of expertise – and these five suggestions might seem overwhelming. Luckily, this is exactly the expert support BrandUp Strategy provides to businesses like yours. If you would like to learn how we can help you use LinkedIn to grow your business call or email us.

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